Natural coloring, does it work?

I will try to answer the most asked questions by our clients about natural coloring. Its effectiveness, its possibilities and its benefits. I will also point out if natural colouring is for you or not. I will not compare “chemical” or “traditional” coloring against natural colorations as that is another subject.

Then and now,

Although the principle of natural coloration, where we use plants such as henna has existed since the dawn of time, this “new” way of coloring hair is more and more sought by people. Especially those concerned about the composition of products that they use whether it’s in cosmetics, housekeeping, etc.

Nowadays, natural coloration is available in a wide variety of shades. The quality and durability of the results are both present. whether it be mineral or plant-based colorations, both are the subject the object of a know-how better mastered. It can be said that what was up to now, a phenomenon of “niche” will enter a new dimension. There is no reason to believe that what was once considered a niche will

Coloration végétale

Why should you choose a natural coloration?

  • Without ammonia, it does not damage the hair fiber.
  • It does not have an unpleasant odor.
  • Extremely soft, it reinforces the texture of your hair.
  • It does not contain any recognized chemical carcinogen or endocrine disruptor ingredients.
  • Your scalp is sensitive and your current color makes you itchy for several days after application

Plant base or Mineral?

When we talk about natural coloration, we must distinguish between two types of products. Plant based hair color and mineral hair color. Each having its advantages and, of course, its disadvantages.

Vegetable based colours:

As mentioned earlier, plant-based colours have been known and used since antiquity for both hair and fabrics and even for the skin.

  • No allergic reaction or in very rare cases
  • No irritation or itchiness
  • No unpleasant odor
  • Cover the hair for a richer texture
  • Process takes several steps, often very long. Especially if you want to cover white hair.
  • Limited color choice, for an often-random result. In those cases, it might take some trial and error before obtaining the desired result.
  • It is not possible to lighten hair.
Coloration Minérale

Mineral based colours:

As the newcomer in the hair industry, mineral color is conquering many markets. Whether in Europe or North America, the number of hair salons that use mineral coloring is growing exponentially thanks to the reliability of its results.

  • Offers an extremely varied colour palette.
  • Covers 100% white hair.
  • Cover hair for a richer texture.
  • No unpleasant odors
  • No irritation or itching. But it can happen, especially at the beginning if you have used traditional dye before.
  • Mineral color is much less allergenic than traditional coloring but does not eliminate all the risks of allergies, it will therefore be necessary to make a preliminary test.
  • Even if the results are much more predictable than with the vegetable coloring. It might still differ depending on your hair type, the percentage and the resistance of your white hair. An adjustment over time may be necessary.

Natural hair colours, is it for me?

In reality, natural coloration is made for everyone as it offers enormous possibilities in terms of results. It allows and I will even say force the colorist as well as the customer to change the way they see hair colorations. Its respect of the hair fiber and keeps the hair in perfect health with an unequaled shine.

As mentioned before, you may need some adjustments over time to perfect it, but your patience will be well rewarded.

Éclaircissant minéral

Finally, if you have ever had allergies, itching or other discomforts with traditional staining, natural staining is “YOUR” solution.

During pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the body of a woman goes through changes. During this period her immune system defenses decline significantly, making women far more sensitive to their environment, diet and products they consume. The changes also occur at the cardiovascular, the digestive, as the psychological and at the epidermis level.

What about hair?

As we have just seen, during pregnancy, hormonal changes make women have stronger and more abundant hair. During this key period of the fetus existence the micro-circulation and blood circulation are developing. As well, the scalp also becomes more permeable. Does this imply that the use of chemicals on the scalp can lead to the circulatory system and therefore … to the fetus? There are currently no studies confirming the harmfulness of conventional and chemical dye on the development of the fetus and the breastfed baby. However, the precautionary principle should be applied. So rather than using a traditional dye on the scalp with the potential risks that this presents.

Should you color during pregnancy?

To lighten hair, highlights and balayage remains the safest option since the products do not touch the scalp. Otherwise natural coloration, mineral or plant based with no risk for your hair and thus no risk for you and baby is strongly recommended.

And after the birth?

After giving birth, women often observe hair loss. To address this postpartum problem, there is a tendency to encourage women to take vitamins and iron to strengthen the hair. Organic products and mineral and vegetable colorations have a huge advantage over chemical colorations, as they provide micronutrients that the hair needs after delivery. They are therefore very recommended for women who just had a baby and those who are breastfeeding.

Are natural colorations more expensive?


It is certain that the cost of the products is three to four times more expensive for a natural coloration than a traditional one. In order not to penalize too much our customers and multiply our prices by three. We decided to keep it the same price as the traditional coloration and invoice separately the cost of the products which makes it possible to stay within a reasonable and affordable budget for this kind of service.

Are all products – and all salons – equal when it comes to natural coloration?

Several brands are available, and some salons have specialized in plant-based coloration for some time now. This is a trend we have observed but that until now did not correspond to the type of service we wanted to offer at ICÔNE. Too often the procedure takes several steps and therefore the time spent in the salon can reach four hours or more with sometimes random results, etc.

The missing link:

The arrival of the mineral color, which I call the “missing link”, allows us today to offer a reliable and professional service. Which can be done in synergy with the vegetable coloration in a little more time than the traditional coloration. In addition, the mineral lightening powder opens the door to a multitude of possibilities in terms of the creation of new coloring effects. That’s why we have with all our team, immersed in this new adventure.

Alexia P Specialist in natural coloring at ICÔNE.

Hello Alexia, why did you opt for natural color?

In my career as a stylist, I was challenged by the skin reactions that some of my clients could have after their coloration service. I have also always looked for a cosmetic quality of the hair that all the hair color called “chemical” could not give me.

How did you get to the mineral color?

Up to now, the natural options were too limited and did not leave enough space for creation. The arrival of the mineral color and the lightening mineral powder finally met my expectations as well in terms of creativity as for their cosmetic quality.

What do you think is the future of natural color?

The demand is growing, our customers are more and more sensitive to the ingredients contained in products, whether cosmetic or otherwise. Natural coloration must therefore be accompanied by products compatible with this approach. That’s why I always advise my clients to use more natural products for their care at home.


Natural coloration, whether mineral or vegetable, is evolving and thereby revolutionizing the world of hair color, with professionals, consumers and industry that generates the products of tomorrow that will be without a doubt more and more accessible and performing.

See how in one application we were able to color her gray hair 100% in this beautiful golden brown.


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to accompany him in his approach towards an eco-friendly world.