Permanents and curls are back.

Springy, curly and wavy hair is back in style! And for those who weren’t born with perfect ringlets, we’re bringing out the perm curlers.

Curls, softness and femininity.

Curly hair has long been a symbol of femininity, with a history that goes back to the beginning of time. There are a thousand and one ways to sport curls, including rock ’n’ roll, romantic or wild styles.

Everyone’s talking about curls and perms!

I’ve been wanting to tell you about the comeback of the perm for a while now. In the meantime, our colleague Brenda showed me an article, Perms Are Coming Back—but They’re Getting a Modern Makeover, which reminded me of a guest post by Lydie a few years ago: Curls that will turn heads, back in 2014. She was already saying “Who ever imagined that curls would make a big comeback? And yet, of all the hairdos seen on the runways at the top spring and summer fashion shows, they were all anyone could talk about!” and it’s still true three years later.

I have also observed a shift over the last few months. People want more texture, and requests for perms have definitely increased. According to the InStyle article, the style is “gaining popularity in LA for its ability to give clients a natural wave or bend in the hair”.

It’s true, the trend that we announced some time ago is gaining traction. Pin-straight hair is officially out.

Perm or texture?

We don’t want to bring back horrible memories from the past, so now we avoid using the word “perm” and we talk about texture. If you’re one of those people for whom the word “perm” will always be associated with Tonette and burnt hair, it’s time to get with the times and join 2017.

We have customers who ask us for just a little texture or a very slight wave to bring their hairstyle together, and others dare for much tighter curls and voluminous styles that remind us of the seventies.

Permanente Vaguée


Boucles et Textures

Soft Curls



Need a perm? Call on a specialist.

In addition to the superior quality of current products, achieving a perm requires real expertise, not only to understand and advise, but especially to take great care in choosing the size of the curlers, (rolls for setting & curlers for perms) positioning them and handling the products. All of this will determine the future quality of the hair. Perms don’t damage hair if they’re done properly. However, you will have to maintain your hair scrupulously using quality products, especially a nourishing mask and a hair oil to maintain good hydration because a perm is a chemical interaction that opens the scales of the hair and makes them more sensitive to outside influences such as heat and sun.

Manage your expectations so you’re not disappointed.

In this respect it is necessary to differentiate between smooth looks with wispy tips that can only be achieved with an iron, or with a brush and dryer, and the natural-looking style of a perm. If you have fine hair, or if your morning do falls apart after only a few hours, a perm will help you maintain your style throughout the day but you’ll still have to put in the work.

Permanente et Fer plat

Magnificent hair even after 14 perms!

Here’s a little anecdote to wrap up. Leona came to see me for the first time on August 19, 2009. She was trying desperately to find a hairdresser who could reproduce a super curly perm that she’d had done in another salon. Her previous stylist had left, and she was told that nobody else at that place did perms.

In those days, Leona’s hair fell just above her shoulders and her ends were in bad shape. Almost eight years and 14 perms later, her hair goes halfway down her back and is in perfect health.

So if you think you want to get a perm, make a commitment to yourself to maintain it properly. You won’t regret it.

To find out more…

Of course, as a professional and perm specialist with many years of experience, I often find a few flaws in the articles I read. But there is certainly more than one way of looking at it, so I encourage you to read articles that have been written on the subject.

Marie-Claire has a series of articles on curly hair, especially this one on perms: Perms Are Making a Comeback.

Here’s another vision: 40 Styles to Choose from When Perming Your Hair.

Enjoy! See you back here soon.

Leona, almost height years and 14 perms later.

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