Who ever imagined that curls would make a big comeback? And yet, of all the hairdos seen on the runways at this year’s top spring and summer fashion shows, they were all anyone could talk about!

In the industry lingo, curls are what’s otherwise known as a permanent—a term I try to avoid as it conjures up horrible memories of hair experiments gone terribly awry in my early twenties.

But, to get back to business, it’s important to point out that the perms of the past are light years removed from today’s techniques, which involve products with much less ammonia. Of course, if your hair is very fine or coarse, you’d be well advised to listen to your hairdresser, who might suggest an alternative such as a bob. But, don’t despair—there’s bound to be a solution that’s right for you since curls can cover the entire range of the spectrum from gentle wave to tight corkscrew. It would be shame to miss out because, let’s face it, there’s nothing better than a gorgeous wave to give flat hair a much-needed lift. And nothing is forcing you to commit to a headful of ringlets right off the bat—a simple, ultra‑natural Farrah Fawcett-esque wave can be just as glamorous. Unless, of course, you’d rather go for a sophisticated, Hollywood-worthy coif, à la Rita Hayworth.

Come to think of it, this is a perfect example of how fashions can come and go—and come back again! While the flat iron is still riding high thanks to this summer’s trend toward silky, smooth tresses, the curling iron is poised to make waves of its own. But, whichever one you prefer, the most important thing is to find a style that suits you. In the eternal words of Coco Chanel: “Fashion passes, style remains.”

I can hear you now—some of you will say that certain women have an advantage because their hair type is naturally suited to curls. I won’t disagree. Curls just wouldn’t look good on short and/or very dry hair. But, for anyone who wants to try them on relatively commitment-free, at-home methods such as rollers are an excellent way to create luscious curls. Remember, though, the bigger the rollers, the fatter the curls will be. And don’t forget to keep your hair well hydrated! If it’s a more permanent change you’re after, don’t even consider store-bought products. Head straight to your salon and the expert knowledge of your professional stylist!