Change your hair as you feel.

Any d'Avray

Your Any d’Avray hairpiece, now available in Montreal, at ICÔNE!

What woman has never dreamed of being able to change the thickness, length or colour of her hair at will? It’s now possible with the new generation of  Any d’Avray hairpieces. Whether it is for business, evenings or holidays, assert your image as a modern, elegant, sporty or romantic woman in an urban world that demands you be the best you can be in all circumstances. With exclusive fibres that use the most advanced technologies and the ready-to-wear concept with an ultra natural appearance, Any d’Avray hairpieces are of incomparable quality. Lighter, more flexible and, especially, much easier to maintain than natural hair wigs, exclusive Any d’Avray hairpieces are indispensable and affordable accessories.

Flexible, soft, silky, maintenance-free,
at the third of the price of a natural hair wig

you will love Variation® fibre

At the cutting edge of technology, Variation® fibre has exactly the same characteristics as natural hair, resists heat and is easy to style. Its flexible, soft and silky texture makes it a logical alternative to natural hair.