Mineral colour is an excellent compromise for women who want
to change their hair color in a natural way
without going through aggressive chemical processes.

Mineral and Vegetal Haircolours
Roots touchup *$ 60.00
Complete Colour *$ 100.00
Toner *$ 50.00
Balayage *$ 150.00
Balayage (1/2 head) *$ 95.00

*Add the cost of prodocts used to the price of Mineral and Vegetal colours.

The benefits of Rodolphe & Co Mineral Colours.

  • Rodolphe & Co MINERAL COLOURS has no unpleasant odors. Natural fragrance with floral extracts of Grasse white rose. It is 100% without ammonia!
  • Extremely soft to the hair thanks to natural and/or organic macadamia, castor and aloe Vera oils.
  • Guarantee without PEG, EDTA, Silicone, PPD, PTD, Resorcinol, sulfate, Parabens, Ethanolamine (MEA).
  • The innovative natural complex of Arginine / Bio-Nacre complex balance the natural PH of your scalp.
  • Containers and packaging are 100% recyclable and ecological.
  • Direct dyes without PPD, Resorcinol and PTD.
  • Certification and active member 1% for the Planet.

With the Rodolphe & Co mineral coloring, the natural protection and the level of hydration of the hair are really increased. The structure of the hair after coloring is guaranteed to be perfect and natural. The hair is alive and respected.

Why ICÔNE has coosen the mineral colours Rodolphe & Co.

Rodolphe & Co. is a professional adventure with a personal approach spurred by Rodolphe Diotel, hair stylist Colorist for over 12 years. A dedicated hairdresser, allergic to traditional hairdressing products and driven by the desire to “make women more beautiful by taking into account their unique personality”. The Rodolphe & Co brand stands out for its strong desire for beauty.

We have designed this professional high-quality brand with the best natural and organic ingredients on the market including prestigious oils and extracts. While maintaining a strong ethic, a respect for our environment and a valorization (an appreciation) of our region, Brittany.

Rodolphe & Co also distinguishes itself by promoting exclusive products resulting from the advanced and unexplored research of natural cosmetics with numerous BIO certified products by ECOCERT and COSMEBIO.These contain carefully selected ingredients that gently respect the balance of your hair and scalp for a natural lasting result.

We guarantee all our products functionality. We consider that the use of natural and organic products must respond to exceptional results.

Rodolphe DIOTEL