All women with curly hair know what a chore it is to style it properly. The curls look gorgeous while still wet. But as it dries (even naturally), the hair often becomes frizzy and shapeless.

That’s why techniques and products for managing wavy hair are so popular. But with all the hair straighteners, relaxers and other products out there, how can one know what to choose?

Keratin hair smoothing treatments, known as Brazilian straightening, have always been popular with our clients, but their high concentration of formaldehyde led to their ban[e1]  in Canada in October 2010.

We have tried the keratin-based products that comply with Health Canada requirements, but they do not smooth hair nearly as effectively as the older products.

The other solution is Japanese hair straightening, but it makes hair as straight as a board, which is not really what women are looking for these days. Our clients want to reduce their hair volume and frizz while still maintaining a certain softness. Three months down the line, they don’t want to discover that their roots are damaged and their ends are stiff and completely dried out.

Today I want to suggest three straightening techniques that we are recommending to our clients. They keep hair healthy without frizzing and make it easy to maintain.

Oleo-Relax and   Oleo-Relax Slim – The “natural” solution for use at home

This product has been part of the Kérastase line for a long time now. Its effect is cumulative, producing amazing results over time. Use in conjunction with a keratin pre-treatment every three to four months for immediate results and a head of hair that gets softer, smoother and shinier every day.

 X-tenso Moisturist relaxer by L’Oréal – Gentle and effective

This product is perfectly suited to hair of any thickness and can also be used in straightening treatments for double the effect. Relaxers loosen curls but do not straighten them. They are a great help in styling and protect your style and volume in humid conditions. The texture of your hair and the result you want to achieve will decide which technique is the best fit. If you maintain your hair regularly with the right products, you can go four to six months before you have to treat new hair growth and keep your hair perfectly healthy in the interim.

Ultimate Smoothing: For total control

Ultimate smoothing combines relaxing and keratin straightening. We developed this ideal solution to help our clients manage their curls and keep their hair in top shape.

Most curly-haired women do not love their curls. There’s either too much or not enough — rarely do they like their hair in its natural state. Indeed, by definition curly hair is dry hair that always has a tendency to dry out, making it frizz and take on volume, etc. To tame the beast, you have to work at it constantly and be sure to use quality products. A good cut, good haircare and a few (good) tips from your favourite hairdresser will definitely help you transform this rebellious mass into your dream hair.

 [e1]hyperlien vers Santé Canada ne fonctionne plus