Not feeling too inspired by the hair salon down the street? Or the one in the shopping centre? Hmmm, well… how about a salon near your work? One of your colleagues must be able to refer you to someone!

Where to start?

  • Local: I always considered people who show up at a hair salon unannounced—those we call “walk-ins”—are quite brave. For me, that’s like playing Russian roulette. But who knows, maybe you’re a lucky person.
  • Referral: Certainly a very good way to identify a hairdresser who might fit your personal style is to get a referral from someone you know and whose hair you like. The odds of a good match are much higher. I myself have had people come to see me after getting my contact info from a client they met by chance in the street or in a restaurant. Of course, I was very flattered and felt especially compelled to be up to the task.
  • Research: Researching the Internet, the Yellow Pages, fashion magazines, local newspapers and the like can point the way. Salon ads, and more importantly, websites will give you a good indication of standards, prices, and other information that should help you make your choice.

But whatever the case and in whichever way you find that rare pearl, your future hair stylist, go with your first impression. If possible, meet the stylist before making an appointment, or at least before the shampooing or any other service. Make sure that she or he is considerate and understands your needs. See if the two of you connect. Afterwards, it’s too late. Not only do you risk having an unpleasant experience, you might not even like your hair for several weeks. And then you will have to start all over.

Have you shopped for a hairdresser recently? Whether your experience was good or bad, we want to hear about it. Your comments inspire us and help us get to know you, improve ourselves and provide better service.