Natural hair colours

Natural coloring, does it work? I will try to answer the most asked questions by our clients about natural coloring. Its effectiveness, its possibilities and its benefits. I will also point out if natural colouring is for you or not. I will not compare “chemical” or “traditional” coloring against natural colorations as that is [...]

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Balayage, verything you need to know about.

My recent post on straighteners inspired many questions on balayage. I thought I had already covered the subject from every angle, but it appears I haven’t. So I’ll try to eliminate the lingering confusion between highlights, ombré and balayage.

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Our prices are “starting from” and are subject to change without notice. An extra may apply for longer and/or thicker hair.

Cancellations must be done at least 24h before the time of your appointment. A deposit on all services more than $150+ might be asked to guarantee your appointment.

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