You want to change your hair texture, straighten it or curl it, read this.

Permanents and curls are back.

Ils sont de retour les cheveux souples, bouclés, frisés, et par conséquent, pour celle qui ne sont pas nées avec la boucle idéale, on ressort nos bigoudis à permanente. Boucles et féminités Symboles de féminité, les cheveux bouclés ont une histoire qui remonte à la nuit des temps. Look rock’n’roll, romantique ou sauvage… Il [...]

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Curls that will turn heads

Who ever imagined that curls would make a big comeback? And yet, of all the hairdos seen on the runways at this year’s top spring and summer fashion shows, they were all anyone could talk about! In the industry lingo, curls are what’s otherwise known as a permanent—a term I try to avoid as [...]

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Status report: Keratins, straighteners, relaxers

All women with curly hair know what a chore it is to style it properly. The curls look gorgeous while still wet. But as it dries (even naturally), the hair often becomes frizzy and shapeless. That’s why techniques and products for managing wavy hair are so popular. But with all the hair straighteners, relaxers and [...]

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