Hair Coulour: Is publicity lying ?

Does advertising really tell the truth? Can you change your hair colour whenever you like? As a salon that specializes in colour and especially recognized for its expertise in colour correction, we occasionally run into frustrating situations caused by the outrageous information provided by ads and by well-meaning but ill-informed professionals. So let’s set the record straight. Some [...]

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New to Montreal? Three tips on finding the hairdresser who’s right for you.

Not feeling too inspired by the hair salon down the street? Or the one in the shopping centre? Hmmm, well… how about a salon near your work? One of your colleagues must be able to refer you to someone! Where to start? Local: I always considered people who show up at a hair salon [...]

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Nos prix s’entendent “à partir de” et sont sujet à changement sans préavis. un supplément peut-être appliqué pour des cheveux longs et/ou épais.

Un dépôt pourra être demandé pour garantir votre rendez-vous sur les services de plus de 150$. Les annulations doivent être faîtes au minimum 24h avant votre rendez-vous.

Our prices are “starting from” and are subject to change without notice. An extra may apply for longer and/or thicker hair.

Cancellations must be done at least 24h before the time of your appointment. A deposit on all services more than $150+ might be asked to guarantee your appointment.

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