Hair oil has been on the market for a number of years now. What it does If you think the purpose of hair oil is to “repair” hair damaged by mechanical (from irons and dryers) or chemical (from dyes and relaxers) means, you couldn’t be more wrong. Regardless of quality, hair oil simply does [...]

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SteamPod, the steam hair straightener from L’Oréal, soon in Montreal

Since the ban on keratin hair smoothing products containing formaldehyde two years ago, we have not had any real success with replacement products. Always on the lookout for a non-chemical solution for our clients, I have heard that the SteamPod by L’Oréal is coming to Canada. The system is a big success worldwide and [...]

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Nos prix s’entendent “à partir de” et sont sujet à changement sans préavis. un supplément peut-être appliqué pour des cheveux longs et/ou épais.

Un dépôt pourra être demandé pour garantir votre rendez-vous sur les services de plus de 150$. Les annulations doivent être faîtes au minimum 24h avant votre rendez-vous.

Our prices are “starting from” and are subject to change without notice. An extra may apply for longer and/or thicker hair.

Cancellations must be done at least 24h before the time of your appointment. A deposit on all services more than $150+ might be asked to guarantee your appointment.

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