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Raymonde has always loved hairdressing. Thanks to her sister, who got her a job at the salon where she worked, she was able to achieve her dream. She perfected her craft by going to California to work with Sebastian International and Tony & Guy. She also taught hairdressing. Raymonde wins everyone over with her attention and skills.



Thursday 9:30 – 8:00
Friday 9:30 – 8:00
Saturday 8:00 – 4:00

My interests:

Travel, exercise, power walking, relaxing with a good book.

My favourite movie:

Mamma Mia, The Notebook, Pretty Woman… chick flicks.

My favourite music:

Something zen during the day and house music at night.

What I like about my work:

To be with people, their smile when they see their new hairstyle, knowing that I’ve made a difference in their life and that they will be wearing this new style for the coming weeks.

My favourite styles:

For women, soft highlights and volume and for men, very short hair with gel or paste in the American Crew style.

My favourite products:

Élixir Ultime by Kérastase because it softens hair without adding weight and is easy to style. For men, I prefer the Kérastase Men’s line to counteract thinning hair. It works! I tested it on my boyfriend.

My favourite outings:

Dinner at a restaurant in good company, going to the movies.